A hero Is born among Hundred, a Wise man is found among Thousand,But an Accomplished one might not be found even among Hundred Tousand Man.

My primary aim to join politics was to eradicate inequalities existing in our society, thus bringing in meaningful social change. My dreams for our country span across various issues-ranging from protection of the environment, abolition of child labor and injustice against women to removal of corruption.

Over the years, I have faced various socio-political challenges, while fulfilling my dreams. However, my faith in capabilities of the masses has never diminished. With help of the common people, I have tried to transform these obstacles into opportunities. I am happy to say that trust of the people in me has helped me to earn various achievements. Below is a brief glimpse of my achievements.

  • I started my career in 1989 as a political activist in BJP.

  • Up to 1996, I was in charge of Mandal level as well as District level.

  • In 1997, I was elected as Councilor of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation. In the same year, I participated in OTC (Organizer Training Camp) at Naharakanta Bhubaneswar, organized by RSS. I am a passionate believer of Hindutwa, which I believe, is the “Way of Life”.

  • I was actively involved with the Khadi Movement and I also participated in various important social causes as member of the Daridra Narayan Seba Sangha.

  • During 2000-02, I got the opportunity to serve the people of Bhubaneswar as Works Committee Chairman.

  • For three consecutive years (2000, 2001 and 2003), I won the prestigious honor of “Highest Civic Award of Best Councilor of Odisha”, awarded by the honorable chief minister Mr. Naveen Pattanaik.

  • In 2004, I was elected as President of Bhubaneswar District Unit BJP.

  • In 2005, I lead my party to the Parliament for protesting against price hike.

  • In 2006, I was selected to the State Executive. In 2007, I was in charge of the Malkangiri District during 3-tier panchayat election.

  • From 2006-2011, I acted as Editor of the daily newspaper ‘Mahabharat’.

  • While I have won various awards during my political career, I have always felt that my biggest achievement has been earning love and trust of the common people. I dream of a corruption-free Bharat, where every person shall be treated with respect and lead a life of dignity. However, I understand the fact that it is not possible for a single person to realize this dream. Thus, I request every person to unite for cause of our country. Let us make India the leading and most prosperous country of the world!