Highest Qualification :

MBA (HR & Marketting).

Hobbies :

Social work, Watching News, Playing lawn Tennis, To Meet cross section of people.

My childhood days are my most precious memories, having spent these days in the company of my parents Mr. Adweita Mohanty and Mrs. Sandhyarani Mohanty. My parents played an important role in shaping my perspective and instilling the values of selfless dedication and generosity in me. I was also strongly influenced by my Bada Bapa late Mr. Abhaya Mohanty, who was passionate about taking up social causes and solving problems of the common people.

Inspired by my father and Bada Bapa, I joined RSS in my childhood. This experience intensified my desire to become a political leader. With completion of my higher education, I joined BJP in 1989 to start my political career. In 1999, the super cyclone that had badly affected Odisha prompted me to take up one of the biggest challenges of my life. The natural disaster had demolished 15,000 houses of Bhubaneswar and disconnected areas from each other. To make things more difficult, flood water surrounded various towns and cities and there were lack of basic facilities, such as power, food, and drinking water. Despite these problems, I, along with my party members and with help from Mr. B.S Deo (then Chief Executive), arranged 103 open kitchens for the victims. I helped them in every possible way and tried my best to improve the situation.

My election as the Councilor of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation was a turning point in my political career, as it provided me with the opportunity to interact directly with the common people and serve them. During this phase, I had focused my attention on two critical issues that included improvement of drinking water and communication facilities. Armed with sheer optimism, grit and trust of the people, I succeeded in introducing the CC road throughout the lanes of Bhubaneswar.

When I was elected as the Councilor, only 25% of area of Bhubaneswar used to get drinking water regularly. However, thanks to commitment of a determined team and help from thee then Urban Development Minister Mr. Sameer Dey, I managed to ensure clean drinking water to 60% areas of Bhubaneswar. I am also grateful to Mr. K.V.Singhdeo Jee (Former Minister of Urban Development department during 2004-09) for helping me in improving drinking water facility, sanitation and sewage system of the city.Again a hearty thanks to Mr. Biswabhusan Harichandan, the then Revenue Minister and also Legislative party leader who had proposed my name for the chairman of the Development Committee of BMC.

In 2000, I associated myself with the Khadi Movement and promoted various socio-economic issues as member of the Daridra Narayan Seba Sangha. These experiences made me aware of the discrimination that backward section of our society has to face every moment and also enriched me as a person. From 2007-2011, I lead the organization and during my tenure as the leader, I actively promoted the issues that artisans and weavers face regularly.

In 2008 and 2011, Orissa was once again reeling under the disastrous impact of heavy flood. During these phases also, I had devoted myself to cause of the people and provided them with cooked food for 3 days.

Throughout my political career, I have focused on holistic development of our country. I have put in my best effort to enhance overall condition of India. However, it is not possible for me to fight this battle alone. Therefore, I invite everyone of this country to join with me for making India the most developed country of the world. Come and be architect of the growth saga of India! "Bharat Mataki Jai".